Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"


I cant stop playing this game 10/10 5/5 would be nice if you add some medals

like the guy said below me.

this just is the most fantastic TD game off this year!!
OK, I know there are a lot of this TD games that are also very fun too play.. like example Balloon Invasion. That one is also epic.. only the bloons are sooooo.... slow... -__-' but in this game you can speed it up! That's very handy when you just want to finish a level quick if possible. thanks mate, that you submitted this on NG.

I'm still playing this because I want too have the 'expert' rank in each level.

10/10 5/5 you earned it! totally. ^_~


Not only is this a great defense game but i dont have to use my broken hand to play!

great game and very addictive!

i found an awesome trick, too...

when doing upgrades, dont waste money doing one at a time. build up enough credit to be the max of that item (for example: to max out initial money to most possible you need 2000 upgrade points), then click it. it allows you to buy stuff down the line, which saves you 1000s of upgrade points. it's just too bad i discovered this way too late in game.


Great TD game, fun and addicting. Possible glitch, though. changing the speed speeds up everything except the bonus score loss from calling waves early, letting you stretch out the incoming enemy amount without impacting your score too badly.