Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"

ok but fatally flawed

you can beat this game comfortably by only ever spamming the most basic turret, since that seems to be the most cost-effective. would have got a much better score if this wasnt the case so i had to think for a second on how to beat a level. make more than 1 tower worth building next time pls ^^

Nice game, a little easy, but fairly fun!

Only one request: a shortcut key to upgrade! :) thanks!

Pretty good

Its a really good game but a tad too easy. Plus, you can repeat levels to get more upgrade points. You should fix that.


I gave this game 9 moos because that is constructive critism ... no? :)
Really this game is greater of the Tower Defence games i have seen as of late. But not the best. Things that appealed more was the Out-of-game Upgrade Concept yet it did not really put too much of a twist on it as far as enjoying the game. Really it got pretty dull around the 25+ levels. Although i went threw all 40 levels i still did not favor this the best. It's just a typical Tower Defence game as far as i can see. Bombs did not serve any perpous what so ever besides spaming the small one for achivements. :D But overall graphics and game stability is quite well. So 9.


i have always been a guy that would kill for a new, decent TD game. this one is awesome. love the upgrade system. The achievements are pretty good. its plain. its simple. it gets right to the point. which as we all know...is blowing up tanks. This TD game will keep you hooked for AT LEAST an hour. Keep up the awesome work

TIP: rapid fire turret=ownage
this is especially true when you first start out!!!