Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"


Tower defenses are my favorite flash games. This is one of the best TDs I have played. Truly awesome. I haven't stopped yet. I cannot wait till I finally beat it.

For anyone having problems

You can replay any mission for more points to spend on perks. If you're stuck on a mission.. go back and play a few of the previous missions again for more EXP. Also, if you get to the "expert" rank on any mission, it doubles your EXP points for perks.

Another thing that might help is: When you're purchasing your perks, note that the cost is not cumulative. Example: If you buy a perk that costs 40 points, then later you buy the second level of that perk for 100 points.. you've now spent 140 points. If you had skipped buying the first level and only bought the second level, you would now have the same thing, but you'd only have spent 100 points. If you just wait and save up points by grinding out a few missions, you can save up enough points to fully upgrade any perk for only the cost of the last level of that perk. (usually 2000 points) If you buy each level you're gonna spend a crap load more.


Basic design is good, but I got quickly bogged down when the units started becoming more problematic than I could handle. By the end of my first playthrough (never finished), I was having to accept half, even almost all of my base health points being thrown away on the first wave just to get enough money for the next one. I eventually had to restart because I was getting the feeling that no matter what I did with the upgrade points, the enemy side got upgraded much faster than I ever could. And I couldn't refund them. On top of that, the creator forgot to put in the costs from the previous upgrade level into the next one, making buying every level in an upgrade tree individually much more expensive than by themselves (1=5, 2=10, 3=20. If I buy level 3 by itself, I pay 20, If I buy level 1 and 2 before level 3, I've already paid 15 points more than what I would've gotten if I just got level 3 by itself, for the same goddamn thing.).

This, naturally, made me FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


good game

great but

like Aderta said, may i change a little.. it is repetitive.. only diff in levels is it gets a litter harder and spawn more..

its impossible to get the expert score w/out spamming the next wave button.. i only used the basic tower, more of them, upgrade some in later levels.. after a while i only used the tower that cost a lot but does great dmg and speed, more of them, upgrade some etc etc..

its like, we would have finished this game if we had all the upgrades or you can never beat the game without upgrading..

but, this is the greatest miniTowerDefence that i played :D hehe