Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"

Needs some tweaking.

In my opinion, the difficulty ramps up waaaay too fast. Upgrades are too expensive and since the map changes between levels, and you lose your previously built towers, it makes for a frustrating game.

awesome game

i m gonna unlock all achievements :)

Awesome Game

I Love Tower Defense Games

Excellent, but one major flaw

I spent a lot of time playing this, so it's fair to say I liked it. That having been said, getting expert rankings seems to be unnecessarily difficult and often requires high ranks in various upgrades, defeating the purpose of giving double experience for attaining it. I'd recommend lowering the points necessary to get an expert rank or include some method of getting point bonuses in a future version.


It's a good tower defense and I love these types of games, just trying for the expert scores tend to be a little aggravating.

-@squillysk8 Should look of 'TD' you'll find hundreds if not thousands of 'copied' games.