Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"


This is probably the most entertaining tower defense game that I've played in a while. Keep up the good work.

Love it!

I love this game, so addicting!

One of my fav tower defence games

This is def one of my more favorite td games, and as for the difficulty ramping up too fast I disagree, but if you are finding it difficult then go back and try to get an expert score on an earlier level and so long as you dont fail then you get upgrade points! 2x if you break the expert score! Just a tip :) gl all.


i really do agree with Raistlyn it ramps up way to fast and the map change wouldnt be to bad if u did incress the difficulty up so fast

Seriously this game is awesome - tips people!!

ten fuckin stars! i dont know why the person below me said the difficulty ramped up to fast, it was perfectly fine for me, this is one of my favorite tower defense games like ever man! This is a quick lil guide to help people who arnt good at tower defense games or are just doing bad for some reasons.
In my opinion, the basic tower is the main back bone of the entire thing, build those and upgrade them equally whenever you can. They are really good once u upgrade them.
The fast towers, no offense okaybmd, but i think are probably not worth the money, yes they do shoot fast but do little damage i suggest you avoid those, for the sake of the money savings!
Freeze towers, at first i didnt think they would really help, but of course they are freeze towers, course they do! use those at the starting points of where you have a bunch of turrets (such as basic turrets) set up so they ride slowly to their ultimate demise!!! ^_^
Poison towers, or whatever they are called lol, i cant stress this enough. i found this to quite possibly be the best tower to use, i cant stress this enough people!! USE THE POISON TOWER RIGHT WHERE THE ENEMIES COME IN, they will stay poisoned until they die lol its awesome and well worth the money, u really only need 1.
The 1 other tower i dont like is the multi directional tower. i found that it does very little damage and even costs more. i suggest not useing that as well.
Once you are secure in the game and you have a well defense going go ahead and save for the super tower gun. It is damn good and strong, get it after ur defense is clearly up. and this right here people will be fine for you.

I just had to clear this up cause i found my self playing this for 4 hours straight last night and had to eventually go to bed cause it was 5 in the morning ^_^.
This is definetly a great game, difficulty is fine and the levels are awesome. nice randomiztion and set ups for towers. theres no tweaking really needed, only thing i can really say is i cant wait for you to make another, cause i love this so much!!
O yea the 1 other thing that some1 else had mentioned below me was the expert rank for the level i never once got it. but i honestly dfont even know what it does so i dont care haha. but i suggest that you do lower it for other people so they won't complain about it. Lets just say, that im happy i can survive the tank apocalyps!! ^_^