Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"

Flawed game

With the high cost of upgrades, this game basically forces you to replay levels over and over to get points. Why do that? With so many created levels, the user should be encouraged to keep playing the new levels rather than be forced to keep doing the same thing over and over.

The expert bonus is a pretty useless motivator when its incredibly to get when you come back to it later when you are overpowered for the level. Which frankly is the only way to get the bonus because you're not strong enough on the first try.

When not going for high scores, the game is easy. You just put it on 3x speed and don't speed up the waves.

Also one of the keys too all tower defense games is good tower placement and good tower combinations. Putting in expert bonus and telling the player to spam the waves all at once takes away from the strategy of this because basically every tower is going to be shooting at once anyways, it matters less if you smartly put a tower at place it can shoot twice. And slow towers are basically useless in a situation like that.

The game does not put up a good challenge on its own and puts too much repetitiveness on the player. Two big flaws. I did love the upgrade system however. This game could have been much better if executed better.


Even with the upgrades to reduce cost and increased damage AND starting money upgrade i still cant pass lvl 5 WTF?


It's easy if you keep it easy, but if you do try to get experts on everything, it does get MUCH harder and you have to use a TON of strategy. Very good game, except for how long it takes you to upgrade. Even without going for expert, it basically forces you to replay levels for upgrade points which take FOREVER to get and are EXTREMELY necessary. Other than that, good job!

Review(Repetitiveness is fun)

It does get really easy if you only send a wave or two at a time, but that just means the player controls the difficulty(like in most games). I'm enjoying trying to get Expert on every stage from sending every wave as fast as possible. And this is a lot more fun to play than the original, never knew hotkeys made that big of a difference. It's too bad you don't have another medal for past 5 hours...off to play some more.

The only thing I'd like to see is different upgrade paths for the basic tower, just to make it a little more interesting.

Long and tedious

Several things make this not quite as enjoyable as other TD games - upgrading is pointless and costly unless you haven't got the space and there isn't enough choice in the towers (build basics until you can make super towers, repeat for ~30 levels). However the overall upgrading is a nice mechanism, and it's fun to try to get expert scores.