Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"


A fun game. It really helps me procrastinate- I mean... pass the time. The only thing I don't like is that it gets predictable over time.

Also I lost my save file for some reason. (why does that happen on these online games?)

A great problem

I try to say everything I can about the game in my reviews, and I will say for that one. The game have a problem that many other defense games have. It´s the upgrade problem. You need to play over and over again the same level to pass other one that is too hard for you now. This makes the game goes incredibly hard and this is not even a little good.
The game is enjoyable, with graphics and comands very simple. But after you play a while the problem appears and the game goes down. Other little problem that appears is the cost of the towers and upgrades, that again doen´st go with the time of the game.


This game is amazing. From the graphics to the execution this game wins. I love that the game makes you plan how you use your resources. A new tower or an upgrade on a preexisting tower? Just trying to get expert on all the levels is fun and challenging. This is the best tower defense game I've seen.


i love it, the fact that it has a reason to go and play it again and again to get the expert scores, the fact that their are loads of acheivments to get and the fact that you can upgrade it, its just an epic game


Awsome td game! I miss these and you did an awsome job, we want more damnit!