Reviews for "miniTowerDefencePlus mTD+"

Very entertaining and lasting.

I found very well thought the fact that you could earn perks by amounting upgrade points; it gave the game a solid RPG feeling, but...the lack in number of available towers made the game quite repetitive at a point, also, a more varied array of enemies and bosses was sorely missed.

Also, may I ask from where did you borrow the backgrounds?


Its a very awesome game and very addicting!
I just got that achievement for playing for one hour!!
i didnt even knew i played that long already!!

two thumbs up

simplistic, yet still chalenging, found myself going back to grind out more points to upgrade stuff. The control's are easy to manage, the game play is easy to understand, and the concept is one as old as time it self, protect your chunk of land against all comers. The level ups on the towers were nice, nothing too fancy or way out in left field. All in all not much I can add to improve upon it, just wanna say good job, looking foward to what you come out with next.


this game got me playing for hours and hours.
the achievements where fun to get.
but we are gamers and want.
more! more! more!

Pretty Good

One of the best games ever. It deserves 10.