Reviews for "Clichetivity"

That's so true...

Even though it's true those clich├ęs allways make me rofl, and a bunch of them in a sequence made me ultrarofl

TheMurphness responds:

I'm glad to hear it! My intentions struck true, thanks again!


this is the most great animation of stick i see

TheMurphness responds:

Most greatest thanks to you. I am proud of this animation of stick. Thanks again!

You're forgetting one thing..

Great ratings, ;)

I love it, reminds me of how Fluidanims is portrayed in a comical way.
It's a good long animation, and the quality helps. Make sure you put me in the credits next time, X333

TheMurphness responds:

Lol thank you. And if you are Woof, then know that I DID put Xulu in the credits :D

5/5 10/10

Best thing i've seen in a while. (that wasn't by some world renowned flash artist.)

thanks for making my day.

TheMurphness responds:

Thanks, and you're welcome. Though I have dropped posting things onto Newgrounds for a long period of time, I do completely agree that I am not world renowned. Thanks again!

An true Eye opener...

I hope that all aspiring stick animators will watch this, as it is an excellent tool for explaining how to truly be original.

Thank you. Great animation and a great, functional concept. 10

TheMurphness responds:

Thanks a ton, supra. And I don't know about it being some posterity must-see, but that'd be cool nonetheless lol. Thanks again for the appreciation!