Reviews for "Clichetivity"


Great animaton style.
Smooth also.
Good job, I really enjoyed it.

TheMurphness responds:

Thanks a ton!


mania was my fav! y did u not put the banana cliche? oh well! funny!

TheMurphness responds:

Lol thank you, the mania part was one of the most engaging parts to animate. And the banana thing, I believe is what you mean, is a meme, which isnt exactly what I'm doing here. But thanks for the advice!

Cool movie

The best part was Mania XD
The little orange guy killed green XD

TheMurphness responds:

Lol yes, thank you.

really like it!

every cliche you mentioned is true while also being funny, the animation is smooth, and the stick figures rock! keep at it =)

TheMurphness responds:

Thanks, and i will!


I lol'd. You should turn this into a series of videos pointing out the cliche's of other things.

TheMurphness responds:

That..........is actually a really good idea..... thanks!!