Reviews for "Clichetivity"


everything in this is so true about stick animations and the combo generator was so funny how it always puts some kinda grab sequence in there. awsome job man


-begginers can learn from it
-nicely done
-funny as hell.

yes i think with my heart of hearts you deserve a 10 because i find this entire idea a bit original since you are one of the first i seen do this.

"good stuff"

definetly something new and more than i expected
but your right on the money in making this
pretty much every stick fight its jsut one guy standing there and then another random just running up and starts fighting him they both become ninka's and almost invincible and then they go DBZ style and stuff
but yus, brilliant work (5/5 for you)

epic combo!



What a great post on typical stick fight animations. I was also wondering why main characters dont fall down in 10 hits but side stick characters die in as little as one hits? Lol, so the reason u post here is that they need 5 second fighters.
Great stuff!