Reviews for "Sushi Cat"


omg i loved this! ~%u2665~ i also loved the cats face when he got hiz puffy pink cat :D

Adorable. XD

Well done, it kind of reminds me of Shenmue 2's Lucky Hit, except this one is far more forgiving. ;_;


That was adorable <3 Short, cute, and nice animation clips. I love you, Sushi Cat. :3

great game

super good game but the music could use some work, and it needs to be longer other than that its a good game

Its just so kawaii!

I really love this game, its a shame its so short though... But what it lacks in quantity it sure holds up in quality! I love the level design, and the story is funny, but is still held together by plot. A sequel wth more levels would be great. The caracter design and music + art style is really worth seeing again! Though some would argue that its game style is taken from "Peggle", I think this is way superior! The game is more lively, fluent and interesting, this has a story, and caracters you can identify with. Great job. Meow!