Reviews for "Theia"

good game

this is a fun game, but i just cant get past lvl 18 for some reason.

and everyone who is having trouble using firefox, just update your flash player you retards, im using firefox and it runs perfect.

Gotta say good game but...

Man the preloader symbol looks like the old internet explorer symbol

awsome game dude

Challenging and nice. Really gatta think for some levels

The game was awesome

The first boss wasn't that hard once you figured out that you should move the cabbage in front of the spider to stall her. Anyway i stoppead at level 22, getting that piggy in front of the green bubba was just way to hard and eventually i gave up. I finished first 2 bosses and the second boss was far easier then the first. Also the collision detection and accuracy on a pixel was quite frustrating sometimes but the game was well thought out, executed pretty nicely the graphic music and atmosphere... A+

good game cute animations!

one question how do u pass the level with the monsters? everytime i go infront of the person they like splat me. anyone help?