Reviews for "Theia"

original and smart....

i don't know what's wrong with the other guys that played this game and gave it a rating below 8....it's a very nice puzzle game with awesome artwork and some original storyline....i find it nearly perfect,and i say that because the only thing that bothered me a little was that the game was pretty easy,but that's nothing to sweat on!very nice job that's worth a frontpaging.....keep the positive reviews on mind man....99% persent of the people that give negative reviews for great flash submissions like yours would never be able to create something half as worthy as this,so why bother to listen what they say!!keep up the great job....

Toonimated responds:

thanks man! seeing reviews like this really helps boost up moral :D

Good game with a flash version bug

## Note: My flash version is, it would not play in Firefox, but it would play in IE. ##
This bug aside:

The game is a nice puzzle solver with great graphics and a decent sound track. As a game it was frustrating at times because it is not grid based. Example: There are three rocks in a row, I need to push the top and bottom rocks forward and then then center rock down to pass. Because it is 2D I accidently move the center and the top. Which one I'm about to push is a bit unclear because of the fluid movement.


The concept is great and the game is challenging. I love the animations and the story, even if simple, is gracefully recreated during the adventure.


i love the animation, the music is really great (which i believe music gives a game its feeling). The gameplay is puzzling and takes thought,i enjoyed it 10/10 5/50