Reviews for "Theia"

Good music & animation, but annoying & frustrating

Good art and animation and good characters. I didn't like how if you messed up you had to die and how you don't know anything about a monster when you see one. Like when i saw the big orange slappy creature I didn't know what he did so I went up to him resulting in an unnecessary death. It was very hard which is usually good because it keeps me playing but this was ridiculous and made me very frustrated. Some of the levels seemed as if only the creator could possibly do it because it was very challenging. Good music and animation, but difficult and annoying. You might want to try a movie next time :D

fun while it lasted

okay but hard should not be T

While this is a fun puzzle game...

The last boss is too frustrating. I got past the arrows, but clicking the mouse (or trackpad) 60 times in such a short amount of time is insane. I only tried a few times and my hand freaking hurts. I'm not saying it's the game's fault, but it could be improved on, or at least made a little easier.

Good Art.

It was ok. The art and music were pretty cool. The ending was ridiculous, 60 clicks in such a small space of time? Maybe 40 clicks, or an increase in time for 60. I tried many times and couldn't do it. My only gripe with the game.

Great Aesthetics, Okay Mechanics

The game looks wonderful, but there are severe issues that prevent it from being a classic.

1. The character moves too slowly, making even the simplest of levels take way longer than neccesary.

2. The character animations, when going into the ground, take just a second too long, which gets frustrating fast.

3. Having the "Suicide" key so close to the controls is a perfect recipe for accidental deaths when one was only hoping to go into the ground. It would be better if it were the "P" key or something.

4. Password systems seem quaint. Saves, auto or otherwise, are the norm now for a good reason.

5. Having to learn by dying is not particularly fun. Having to lose a life to, for instance, figure out that Slappers won't hit you if there's a rock in front of them (something that doesn't make intuitive sense as they are wider than the friggin' rock) feels like I'm being punished for something that wasn't explained to me.

Again, the art was wonderful, but there are some gameplay issues. I would love to play the sequel though.