Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"

I rank this up there with Toss the Turtle.

And that's saying something, cuz I freaking loved that game.

Well done. I might have a little bit more advancement close to the beginning, and then also have *uber* upgrades that were a couple hundred million each. Like, a 3x air strike, or 400 power.

Overall, I loved this game. I especially liked that you could click your way to a better score, not just hope you ran across some ammo or some other completely random happenstance.

Beat Down

Beat the business and knock the briefcase outta his hand LoL this game ROCKS so good and hard love it


spammed flying kick so much that he went so high that i glitched up the meight meter and it got stuck...AWESOME



Epic! :O

Totally epic. At the start I was mad because I couldn't get the guy to go very far and I thought I was doing something wrong. But as I collected those upgrades it got much easier to destroy the banker. I forgot how long I was playing this. I don't even know what my high score is. All I know is that I have a ton of points and nothing else to spend them on.