Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"

Over 190,000,000 ! ! !

I Made a record of 190,000,000m Flight!!!
*Take that ! ! ! you rip-off merchant ! ! !*

<Got my self a shiny gold medal on the ranking for that,^ _ ^ >

it's funny

best flash game ever


... THIS IS THE BEST FLASH IVE EVERY PLAYED!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! only thing u could do to make it better was get more upgrades

Surprisingly Addictive.

This probably the most fun i will ever have in a long time. Who knew beating bankers to a bloody burning pulp would be so much fun. I also got 5th place when i submitted my score. Name: Very Mad Karate Man


It was awesome but, i was able to unlock every upgrade within the first 3 times i played. It only took me 1 hour and 30 minutes! The game was great to me and i love it. If there were badges it'd make this game astronomically epic! That's really the only things it needs. A lower amount of mad points per round after you get around green belt and stuff. The game is awesome and a sequel wouldn't be terrible :P.