Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"


I love to kick ass and play video games, You have done something great here.
i just spent a lot of time playing this :]

very entertaining

its a bit slow at first, but after a while i just can't stop!

I was only supposed to play for 5 minutes...

This game totally sucked me in. I sat down to play something quick before bed time.. Started a new game and away I go. I ended up playing for like.. 40 minutes.. finally unlocking everything to the max.
Great Gameplay: 9
Over-Par Graphics: 8
Retro yet tedious Music and sound: 7

great game!

999,999,999 distance and 999,999,998 height on my 3rd try.

Epic! :O

Totally epic. At the start I was mad because I couldn't get the guy to go very far and I thought I was doing something wrong. But as I collected those upgrades it got much easier to destroy the banker. I forgot how long I was playing this. I don't even know what my high score is. All I know is that I have a ton of points and nothing else to spend them on.