Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"

Awesome and addicting

I spent more time on this game than I do paying attention to my family.

My best distance is a meager 77907781 meters...

But this game is awesome. ._. If you fixed a few sprite errors, maybe gave a bit more incentive, then it'd be perfect.

The kick is way overpowered...

but its awesome! Damm, i think my busnessman was going at light speed lol...

Distance: 104111103 m
Height: 126557544 m
Mad point: 4613925880


Fun, but a little flawed

This game was a lot of fun, and the curve you have on the distance certainly is pretty high. At first he barely moves, but once you get all the power ups you can literally keep him in the air forever.

So... I kept him in the air for quite some time... long enough that the "m" for meters disappeared actually.

Distance: 774,912,455
Height: 1,123,501,036
Kills: 31800
Belt x2
Total Points: 3,796,890,582

Like I said, I could easily triple this score if I had the patience to. The ninjas are pretty easy to hit, and with the energy they give you you can keep your power bar full the entire time he's in the air. If you kick, then hit the ninjas, you'll have the bar back to max before his upward momentum is gone. This means he'll never stop moving as long as you have the patience to kick him.

The flaw in this game is that it doesn't have any part that's dependent on luck. The gamble factor in games like kitten cannon and Toss the Turtle are what make them fun to play, as the possibility of getting that one HUGE score is what makes it fun to play. Once you get your stuff maxed out in this one, you can get as high a score as you want to get.

I suggest just getting rid of the ninjas that constantly spawn, and maybe adding some floating things that will either help or hurt you, but it's a random spawn position. That way the luck is thrown in and infinite scores are no longer possible.

Good times.

The only thing I can say that to lvl. up faster lvl as much as you can the briefcase as much as you can because when you destroy the briefcase the chance of hinting the face.

grate game