Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"


Starts off rather slow (as to be expected), but picks up pretty quickly. A really great game, and when you finally get the chance to smash the -hell- out of that briefcase, it's very rewarding. 5/5 and such.

Also wooo! One of the top scores in the past month! ... I pretty much could have kept going indefinitely, but without further reward, there was really no point. And a black screen where all I had to do was click ninjas was no real fun at all.

f'n' love it!

Could you like make a sequal or something? that'd be so awesome.

¡¡¡Wow man!!!

This game is so ADDICTIVE i unlocked all to the max and i STILL PLAYING ¡¡¡HELP ME!!!


Love it.

The Business Men Know Pain.

This is an amazing game. So amazing I'm not watching the Super Bowl at the moment.