Reviews for "Mad Karate Man"

needs a better soundtrack

aweome game, but the soundtrack doesn't fit the awesomeness of the game at all.

mute the sound and play this in the background, it's perfect.

http://www.newgrounds.c om/audio/listen/299030

Not bad

it is so easy to max everything out...

When in space, think might want to add some background to differentiate the distance made.


Awesome game I got everything to max !10\10

It's possible to do better

The start was boring until you got the power-ups than again when you have them there is no real benefit just distance nothibg else

too easy

its to easy just only hit the man and get more power trough combos and ninjas i got so moch madness points and skill that i can play without losing distances maybe ive you make ninjas hittable when with flying kick activiated only? too make it a lil difficulter