Reviews for "Waiting for the Bus 2"

wow.... lol

Well... That shit had everyone going for a sec like OMG HE IS GOING TO BE LIKE HIS DAD AND BE THE SECOND 50 MPH MAN, and then he just flips the picture onto the table and everyone is just like WTF! then he goes and turns the TV on lol.


The credits was priceless..... For those of you whom didn't stick around for it... HAH!


oh man was not expecting this!!! LOL WOW LOVED IT HA HA HA H

most excellent

oh wow. at first i thought he was going to try running...nope

good, good...

i like. it was sudden, but good, nice film. i loved the credits! lighting by ray charle?? WTF
haha or the ''i like to ride'' my by
cycle. hah