Reviews for "Waiting for the Bus 2"

Y'know what they should say?

Don't judge a man by his title, don't judge a book by its cover, and don't judge a movie by its makers.

I mean, kudos on the credits, I'm sure they'd've been hilarious if I'd had the time to actually read them, and I almost thought of giggling when you made the anti-climax, and you've probably made the world a much better place by cloning Morgan Freeman and introducing them to the dying art that is jazz, but this movie, credits and clones aside?

It sucked. Plain and simple. Its funniest part goes by too quickly to sink in, and the anti-climax gives us absolutely nothing.

Considering that I know damn well you can do better, I should mark this much, MUCH lower, but I'm not going to. Don't ask me why, I dunno.


That was the worst ending ever. I seriously could not have expected this cartoon to be that horrible.

Low notes? Short review!?

Writing a such a nonconstructive review sure don't give it ( What we profecionals, lololol, call) ''Weight'', I couldn't care less, but maybe the author does so, please now...Mr big shot-movie PROFESSIONAL...euf...
Now for that flash...it's so awesome that I only have one recommendation: maybe put a slow down button or kind of a ''stroll through'' command so we can check all that funny shit that's in the credits and appreciate every little bit of random humor that comes to be!

movie?short-credits?so long!

why did you meke the credits longer than the movie it will never give it (what we profecionals call)"movie magic" i exepted better!


hah didnt see that coming