Reviews for "BigTree Defense"


control's bitchy tho
it's kinda hard to click the branches or the trunk when they're close to each other(hard to click the tip or the branch because it's so thin and hard to click the main branch because it's close to the trunk)
otherwise great work

It is very diferent from other defense games

i think the most new i saw was the style of play and also
the way of how you buy the weapons.
The zoom in and out was another thing it maybe usefull in the next games.
Good animation , style but the only thing you need to improve its the
controls since its a little complicate to understand at the begining.

Really good, but really hard.

This game is pretty awesome. Original approach to the defense theme.
The only thing is that it bloody hard. It could possibly just be me sucking, but I couldn't even get past stage 3.

very unique

its a different style. I havent seen something like this before. but I do know the tower defence. where did you get the idea for this??

its briliant!

Candystand responds:

Hey there! Thanks for playing -- the art style is partially inspired by Eufloria (the artist at Burstyx is a big fan of the game). That said, the actual gameplay is unique to BigTree Defense. :)