Reviews for "Fantasy Cave"


your puns make me happy in the pants :D and the drawing is cool too


I love the green, sparkling water, it adds to the curiousity of the cave, and the foot steps really make you wonder who or what went or resides in there. But overall my favorite aspect of this piece is its' mood. It makes me crave adventure. :D


nice scenery harry

Awesome looking background.

So, I couldn't help but notice that if the water wasn't there, this would look exactly like a part of one of the levels in Halo 3.

Source: Eidetic memory + severe nerdiness.

This is a wonderful picture. Granted, it's really only because of how ambiguous it is. No, the artwork's fantastic too. The highlight is really wondering exactly what's going on in this scenario. Those appear to bet he footprints of an ordinary person wearing shoes. You can never be sure.

The green water is done fantastically here. I don't know if that's supposed to present a swamp or something. It's just great no matter how you look at it. The rocks are also very graceful. You really do draw a wide variety of pictures.