Reviews for "Fantasy Cave"


If it were not for the bright sun light then this would be a dark portrait. lol Tim Burton was what I was thinking when you mentioned this was a Disney type setting. idk why but it has a dark/mysterious kind of setting around it.

awsome stuff

some things I would improve:
light ray in the top left corner.. a bit too basic and not really necessary
the background clouds are too bright, seems like the rest of the picture is dull (really simple adjustment, but still)
be carefull of the brightness of the dark side of rocks in water reflection, doesn't make any sense to me

except for those, this is really gorgeous, honest. I can easily see that kind of art beeing in a film, like you were saying. I like it very much! wish I could do the same

keep 'em coming


i want a tour guide in there :D

amazing work

reminds me of some of the crazy backdrops from the Lupin series, love it


your puns make me happy in the pants :D and the drawing is cool too