Reviews for "Meet Larry"


it was so fkn veautifull bro ...

MonkFlash responds:

Thanks man, means alot that the response has been so great.
Put a lot of work in and waited awhile to submit to get it just right.

Have a good one.


that was deep

Wow, that was amazing!

This was amazing on so many levels of intricacy! Truly fantastic!

A ten for truth.

like all the others could've worked on the voice acting a bit, mostly at the moment of death, a shot to the neck will have a....terrible sound if there any coughing, as well as the art, if he looked more empty and well, more in the state of dieing then, it would also have been sadder. Like a simple empty look in the eyes ya know?
Overall great video for truth, and balls to post.
(Also love the song at the end, were do think I can get it? What's the name of the song?)

MonkFlash responds:

song is called agoraphobe by matt good.
One of his lesser known tunes, but possibly one of my favourites.

not sure if this against any rule but here is a youtube link.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpc20p s6mDw

check out his other stuff if you havn't heard it before.

Thanks for the comment and take care.

fuck all those people who say this movie is bad

this was great it had alot of good parts the voice suited it very nicly great movie