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Reviews for "Meet Larry"

well done

i see a deep and good message in your film
i dont usually see those types of cartoons on newgrounds and i been here for a while, keep the good work

awesome man

i think its a really good flash because anyone can relate to it i mean ... i know i can. i have never thought about it like that i guess ... that flashing light thingy? i m not going to go into a deep and meaning full conversation but this flash kind of opened my eyes a little bit,

so thank you and,
good work man.


Amazing thank you Monk


You conveyed a very serious message in a way that made a deep impression on me and hopefully many others. I enjoyed the comparison between a man who had died and was telling his final thoughts with a man who was wishing that a train would kill him. Showing that, in death and life, he regretted his life.

Great Animation

A great message and very well presented. whats the song you used in the credits?