Reviews for "Meet Larry"


nice effects. nice smooth animation as well. everything flowed and style was consistent. Good message, and was executed efficiently.

Yay Larry! :O

Hey. First of all, let me say that despite some of the minor flaws in the flash, you did a really good job. I liked where the story took me, and even though I was sad to see where it ended, I was glad, because it meant you dragged me into it enough that I cared when I saw what had happened. I felt for Larry.

Oh, and by the way, to the fuck who wrote this huge ass blog of shit below me, have you ever heard of artistic interpretation. Now, I don't know the person who made this flash, but did you ever think that they purposely drew/created this flash in the flat, bland way you described?
I mean shit, it's a flash, not a damn picasso. They don't need to be life-like, and if they do, sometimes it's in an artist's personal interest to make it so.

So anyways, that was it. I realize I spent more space slamming ColonelDiscussion than I did talking about your piece, but hey, what can you do.

Oh, but there is one thing I did agree on him with:
The voice definitely does need work.
I also thought this flash was going to be funny because of how he spoke, and when he said 'there isn't much time', that not only told me it wasn't funny, but it made it seem WAAAAAAAY overly dramatic.
Also, it didn't seem like it suited the character at all. Maybe the voice in itself worked, but I would never have thought that that voice came from Larry.
Oh, and the coughing bit at the end: liked that, but it went a little too long, making it seem really fake.
The end.
Cheers! And congrats on turning an idea I've heard before into something new and intriguing.

Really Good

I rated 9 because of the animation.

Mainly because he blinks more than Joe Biden.

Pretty good idea

But you need to work on your animation a little more. The audio was great in quality and the message was clear as day, but the animation was what threw me off the most. Throughout the whole thing, Larry's face, his emotion, stayed exactly the same: like he had some small smile tugging at the edges of his lips, despite being depressed like you make him to be. Large lips are something you want to avoid most of the time, unless you know how to draw them properly, and that should only be used on girls who have full lips. Next time, line lips are the way to go.

Also, there was the blinking. It annoyed the shit out of me, seeing him keep on blinking, blinking, blinking, when none of his body even moved throughout pretty much the whole thing. Although blinking is good for realism, you might want to tone down on it a bit, blink only when necessary, put in more eye closing, fading, widening to help the impact.

For the detail you put into Larry and his surroundings, that's the main thing you should work on before you begin your next project. Larry has little emotion and animation in his body, leaving it all in his eyes. His hair is left unshaded and his clothes plain and flat, same with eyes. Larry's head and body seemed too large and out of proportion, and, as I have said a million times and say a million times before because I am a total fucktard, flat. Although you did a nice job on the astronaut part, the rest of the background didn't reel me in, didn't make me feel like I was there, in Larry's shoes. The background was flat as hell and pixelly, which can be easily fixed with just a few tricks you can pick up from tutorials and studying other artists and animators.

The voice-acting that adds to the flaws of this movie. Although the script was well-done, the voice-acting made me think of Batman, who the fuck else. It made me think you had the guy who played Batman do the voice-acting for you. When doing something serious like this, it's good to go for the worn-out voice, but not so gravelly. When I clicked the link to this flash, I'd thought the animation was going to be funny, and, when I heard the acting, I thought the character was going to have this old, gravelly voice to help lift the comedy. Of course, I was wrong.

All in-all, work on your animation and drawing skills by A LOT, but keep up the great audio work, get new voice-actors who aren't actually Batman in disguise, and just keep practicing.


this was really good, nice message u got across.
And MarcK stfu it doesnt matter about the artwork as long as he got his message out its good :D