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Reviews for "Meet Larry"


Very well done animation, I didn't really get the animation at first but once I watched through it, I knew more of the story. The graphics were solid and so was the preloader. It was still amazing and cool artwork. Anyway, at first when I saw this animation I thought it was the LARRY series but once I viewed it, it was different, plus, you're a different author! But, it was very great and I like it just like the LARRY series, great effort; keep it up and make me fucking happy. That's right, I'm honest like right now. Oh and congratulations on your Daily Fourth Place AND your Weekly Fourth Place.

It's a VERY sad animation and the music even made it sadder, I cried like for 6 minutes, well you know, I'm sensitive; just A LITTLE. Anyways about the music it was very amazing, I'm amazed. The song in the credits was so sad, REALLY SAD. I don't really a fan of it but it is a VERY nice selection for this animation, the songs are really right for scenes. Next on: Story/Idea. The story/idea is very amazing and great just as the "You might also enjoy..." section and in other paragraphs I think.

Well, great effort; as always, good work. I'm going to continue the review but, be right back, I need to do some chores to get money for charity and it'll take A LONG TIME, so later, I will continue my not so long review. [3 Hours Later] I'm back! And it was like 3 hours because... I don't know but, it just took that long. But anyways to the review, the overalls are very amazing; you'll see, there's nothing bad about this animation EVER, like I mean EVER. Once again, keep up the fucking great work! I'm just a fucking new fan of your work since this was out! Your other animations are also great, but it was too long ago for like 3 to 6 years but it really doesn't matter because this animation is still amazing and has the best storyline EVER.

The shooting scene was epic as fuck, really awesome. I'm serious, very awesome. The Average score: 8.8/10.
It should actually be more because it's very great and there's a lot of reviews written, but the Average Score is good enough.

+ Everything about this animation is great.
+ Very outrageous taste of music!
+ The font was very great, clear, and detailed.
+ ALOA - The rating selection was NOT really good but still worth it. +
+ Everything is nice about this animation.

ALOA = A little of a

Good job, great effort; keep up the outstanding work!

MonkFlash responds:

Thanks for the review man. Real glad you liked it....
and you put quite a bit of time into your review, thanks again. I make these animations for you guys to enjoy and I'm happy I finally reached a large audience.

Best of luck in life, and keep posted. I'll probably have another animation out in a year or so. It's hard to get on to flash frequently during school.


tat is really sad and deep!!

All points for effort

I see what you are trying to do, and I feel that you have succeeded.. Though much work is left to be done

The last thing I'd want to do is discourage you; cause truth be told, the world can never have too many people producing stuff like this in order to say what they want to say

I feel that all my gripes I have with your techniques and whatnot aren't worth saying, cause these problems will disappear as you continue to refine your art and ideas

So my final message is to just keep going, cause you can only get better!

MonkFlash responds:

Thanks for the feedback.


really deep. wow. makes ya think eh?

very deep meaning...

I can relate larry's thinking lol