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Reviews for "The Wham game"


I like it, simple yet addictive. It's rather difficult tough.

Needs work !!

When you get hit during the game .. you loose all your power ups you've used within the game .. and you loose all the money you've accumulated during the game too .. so how would you get past that stage ,, at least you should keep the money !!

World-Amazing-Games responds:

If i would make that possible then you could easily win the game by grinding money in the first lvl's.. and it wouldn't need any skill at all. Still it's to hard made will redo it little bit easier :)

Nice game, but bugs and no save?

I liked the idea, It would have been a good game if we could quit and go back later. With no way to save it's hard to play nicely.

By the way, i had trouble with the option button, witch work nice on begining of lvl 2 and lvl 3 but did'nt work at 4 and 5 (I stoped at begining of 6 ).

And something else: the shortcut are not really usefull. Too far one from the other.

Hope to see new versions of this game ^^

World-Amazing-Games responds:

gonna fix that bug, and in the possible "Wham game 2" i will add a saver i think.

Too easy

Found it too easy. And it's too short, it needs new things through the game, like more colors would help it to be more interesting to the eye, more than one kind of shape flying through the screen, more patterns than the simple horizontal line, more of those things like the bombs, or some turrets aiming your package and shooting blocks... The whole screen could shrink, so the path to the planet would be longer, etc, etc...