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Reviews for "pterodactyl"


im very sad


Could of been alot better, but what's here is pretty nice. The concept was quite cute, same with the animation. But the roar noise was alittle over-powering compared to the other animals, could of lowered the volume and still showed ure point.
overall tho, it was alright 7/10


I don't think some of you understand this.. actually he doesn't want to scare the dog or the duck .. as the dog barks to talk and the duck does the annoying ducky noise , the pterodactyl does the roaring noise .. which scares the animals.. and finally when he finds a mate and actually hears the sound from another one of his kin he gets scared too , and that makes the girly-bird sad. And that's why this is actually kinda funny.

golfinho responds:


It cute

sounds like watching godzilla over again with the roar

That was cute.

Even though it wasn't one of the more impressive flash animations on the site, I still enjoyed it.