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Reviews for "pterodactyl"


The animations were pretty OK, soundtrack was OK. Well it was average, but I liked the fact that the dinosaur couldn't interact with the other animals. It's the best thing. Makes the whole flash worth 8 stars.

pretty cool

good use of the godzilla roar! :D

Good sound

Needs plot development. Randomness was okay.

Audio however, really good! Love that 8-bit.

Strange but good

Ok that was pretty odd,the concept of it with the pterodactyl screaming at everyone was a bit random then him getting scared away from another pterodactyl was kinda funny,the animation was good and overall this was good for an experimental flash.

Everything by Everyone!

Just the fact that this did get front paged proves to me the grandeur (greatness) of newgrounds. Everyone simply complaining gtfo! Everything by everyone!