Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

Just Awesome!

I really love this game. It's a fun game, and you can learn to type fast at the same time!

I though this game would be boring and very annoying, but I enjoyed playing this game and hopefully got all the Medals! I would recommend this game to everyone, because it is pure awesome, and very, very fun to play at the same time as learning how to type :P

@Everyone: This game can/will be hard for those who aren't so good at typing fast on keyboards!


Medal #1 [Easy]: Simply beat Easy mode, which is quite easy

Medal #2 [Medium/Hard]: You'll have to complete Medium mode very fast. Try getting a score of 70 in total, after playing all 3 Levels, and do it before time hits 40 sec, and you'll get 13,000 points!

Medal #3 [Easy]: Simply complete Medium Mode

Medal #4 [Easy/Medium]: Don't panic even if you miss one letter, just keep on going. Look at the Keyboard if necessary, but act fast!

Medal #5 [Medium]: Complete Hard Mode with a score over 40, and before time hits 45 - and you may get a score of 14,000 Points!

Medal #6 [Medium/Hard]: Complete Hard Mode with a score over 50 (about 55), and before time hits 45, and if you are lucky, you will get 15,000 Points - and you need to do it fast in order to achieve this Medal :)
You can also try to get a score of 60-70 in order to achieve this Medal, and to do that, you'll need to knock the Bully until he is about to fall. Don't type that word, and just wait. Once he returns, knock him out of the Cliff - do this on 2 of the Levels, and you'll get his Medal!

Medal #7 [Medium/Hard]: Complete the game on Skitz Mode - it's just like Hard mode, but the Bully runs abit faster and is heavier

Medal #8 [Medium]: Simply complete Skitz Mode in a fast/normal speed, and you'll get this Medal faster than a Turtle can shop :S

This Medal Guide may be wrong, but I tried my best to explain everything and tell you how to get the Medals. Unfortunately, this game is very unique, and I can't tell exactly when to get what score. I am terribly sorry, but I hope that this Medal Guide at least helps :)


awesome :D

better than all the crap that teachers use.

A hit!

I had a LOT of fun playing this. I like to think of myself as a pretty skilled typist, but this game is pretty challenging! I dunno how I beat Skitz after countless retries, but it's kicking my ass with a vengeance now that I'm going after the score-related medals.

It took me a while to connect that the score is multiplied by how much time is left. Hell, starting out I wasn't even aware there WAS a time-limit...yeah, it's right there in the corner, but in my previous run-through I never had to pay attention to it. Just type the words and off you go! It's fast-paced and goofy...that's why the music is absolutely perfect for the feel of the game.

It's a fun rapid typing exercise! I'm ruing the day that I ignored my teacher in using the proper finger for C, X, and Z....but I'm making it by...the highest I've scored so far was 13,985 (I was frustrated it didn't go a little higher) but the medals provide some sort of goal to give it replay value...I've gotta earn me a J. Fox...though just breaking that 14K boundary is hella challenging by itself.

I love how the character throws only the most random shit at our goofy antagonist. This game was just fun all around for me, and that's why I'm giving it a ten, and I'll vote five each time I pay a visit to earn a Marty McFly medal.

Keep up the great work! You say in your description that this game was better than it's predecessor, so clearly you're on the right track!

apeslmlesajreenalenxfoelsdoews FUCK! and I WIN!

this game is very good, hell is fun it is!

Good thing my computer is a piece of crap and makes everything soo sloo soo I can press all the buttons,I got like 23569...I think.