Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

Haha! Very funny

This game cracks me up, although it's a little short.
PS. I also got the "cracker" bug.


=instead-of-score...might-wanna-fix-t hat

Random words don't work

It's okay but sometimes the keystrokes don't get registered... I got killed on the word "cracker" two times because the c didn't work. Also a bit too easy. But other than that it's a fun game.

good game

got all the medals..hehe in liek 5 mins.
good concept anyway ^^


A good concept you have here, it's too bad you didn't expand upon it a bit more. I'm a pretty fast typist so I got all the medals in about 5 minutes, but idk what people are saying about skitz because I thought it was pretty challenging. Just the fact that you have to type random letters really fast rather than words threw me off. Hopefully you will continue to make these and maybe make and endless survival mode or maybe more levels with different beasts! Typing games FTW! Oh and the obligatory category review: sounds are good, graphics are great, animation is great, concept I love =) Keep up the good work.