Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

apeslmlesajreenalenxfoelsdoews FUCK! and I WIN!

this game is very good, hell is fun it is!

Bug Issues

Am I the only one that has key input issues?Sometimes I have to press it 5 times to work and sometimes I dont press anything at all and it says I already inputed the word.

Typedy awesome

This is a fun game that includes some words i have never seen before but this should really be under 13+
There's blood in it when you die so...yeah...

Its EPIK,a few probs tho

Its kewl,I tried beating it oh many diffculties,-_- unfortlny my bro click back.its Awesome and and a great game,But sometimes the words don't work even tho i type it like 20 times.

Not cool

Very Glitchy the words arent reactting and very terrible