Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

Not Bad
I Compleate Easy,Normal,Hard,Skitz

It's been awhile since a game on the computer has made me feel this accomplished. Couldn't get skitzo mode but Hardmode made me feel epic haha. Lol. The song just pumps me up for some reason. This should be an app on phones man. Enjoy your five.

Good thing my computer is a piece of crap and makes everything soo sloo soo I can press all the buttons,I got like 23569...I think.

Great game and educational to but sometimes the game does not register the keyboard causing me to restart my browser. Even so, awesome.

Cute game

Cute game, nice little time killer but for some reason it does not respond to the word "mars". This happened to me twice in the game at two different levels. Overall, good job.