Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

now im motivated to read something

Yea got them all baby. not too easy but not too hard. great game, I love Waterflame music btw.

A very satisfying game, it was interesting to take my typing skills to the test. The animation is well done and I didn't encounter any problems with the game. Overall, this is great however even I didn't have too much trouble beating this game on the 'Skitz' difficulty so I imagine a lot of people playing this game will not find it challenging enough

This is riddled with bug, the thing is just unplayable. Occasionally it just stops recognizing letters altogether in the middle of a word, or they don't appear at the start of the gmae, or there is no new word after pushing it off the cliff for the first time. I've tried many times, I've reloaded the thing, updated my flash software, but it's still unplayable.

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