Reviews for "Keyboard Mayhem"

Nice idea, but there are bugs

The following bugs make this game difficult or even unbeatable.
Medium mode: When the word "CRACKER" appears, the game won't react to my typing,
ergo I lose the game. This happens every time, so medium is not possible to beat.
Hard mode: When the "finishing move word" "MARS" appears, the game won't react to my typing too. But in this case you just have to do the random letter thing again till you get another "finishing move word".
Easy- and skitzo mode are working without any issues though.
Overall a nice game, good controls (beside the bugs).
Wish there were something like an endless mode.


UHM? good game....but it doesent make a sense......strange game....easy though

I feel that

you should really focus on getting rid on all the bugs first before publishing...great concept / game otherwise


I notice the word 'MARS' won't respond to the keyboard. An error I suppose?

I don't know if it's just me...

but a couple words don't seem to register, namely "cracker."

Pretty decent yet simple game otherwise.