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Reviews for "Jumping Little Ninja"

very nice :D

simple yet very hard and entertaining............. i love it :D

Very fun and addictive!

I really enjoy playing this game... This game is funny, cute, and containt a sadistic haha... I like it!
5/5 - 10/10

great job

there's another addictive game here..

actually im really enjoy playing this game, although at the first time it was so hard to play because the ninja moving so slooowww and the jump power very short..but after 2nd upgrade on the speed and jump power i could reach the 3rd planet successfully ! :D
overall , im just saying this is a great game, good job guys!

Nice little addictive game!

Seeing the ninja tears to pieces when he hits the ground made me want him to fall over and over again lol :3


another addictive game! :D
I hope there's more achievement like more combo, because after you got full upgrade the combo seems too few, it need more challenge
Anyway, I enjoy play this one, keep it up :)