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Reviews for "Jumping Little Ninja"

very nice :D

simple yet very hard and entertaining............. i love it :D


I think this could have been fun, but to be quite blunt with you:

1 The control scheme sucks. And I understand that the lag in movement is due to that you want to be able to upgrade speed but it just isn't fun. It is laggy it is slow. And it does not follow the mouse well at all. Try keyboard.

2. The initial obsticle set up is horrible. IN many cases it is impossible to jump from point pillar to point pillar without hitting the bad ones. IN same cases it isn't even possible to pass the gap with your jumping ability.

3. Upgrades are way too pricey, and you know what after you get them they aren't that good. I actually forced myself to play long enough to get a jump upgrade, because my main problem was that your random setup often made the next gap unbreachable. And though it did not eliminate that situation, it did eliminate my ability to rack up points in the early area where you can often get combos. Why because they are spaced for small jumps.

I think I gave this game more than a fair shot and it just is not fun the way it is currently set up. 3/10 for effort which was obviously put into this.


when i saw the title i never thought i'd be that COOL!


Not bad

Its a good gae you could included stuff like harder levels emenies and more. but its a good

I'm crossed

I like the game, because I want to kill him and challenging to get him so high.

But it could use less obstacles in the beginning and maybe an easier time to gain experience points.