Reviews for "James and the Chief 2"

Ok okay... What was that!?

I dont know but it was pretty funny.

Nice use of the UP soundtrack.


Needed a bit more direction.

nice man

very funny very very very funny but not in a gay way :D


jesus i feel like i saw the first one like 5 years ago. finally a sequel. when i saw the first one for the first time i was expecting a sitcom-esque internet cartoon series

hey frozenm dude

I believe, (but I'm not sure), that the whole "whats in the box" thing is a spoof on an old movie where a serial killer cuts off the head of a detectives wife and the detective keeps asking, in a dramatic voice, "WHATS IN THE BOX!", and then kills the dude. Sorry for ruining the end of the movie. ;P

it was funny!

the guy below me has no dramatic humor!!!