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Reviews for "Kees' Adventure 3"

~ Review Request Club ~

It made me laugh when the guy said he quite after the first 5 minutes because it probably only took me about 2 or 3 minutes to beat. XD

~ Animation ~

When holding both an up or down key along with the left or right keys the character walks weird. He should walk at an angle instead. I didn't test mashing some of the buttons like I should have though. There seemed to be a couple of holes in the programming where you could walk into the buildings (like over top of the graphic) where you shouldn't have been able to.

~ Graphics ~

The graphics were quite good all around and even though some things did seem that they could have been drawn a bit better. Other than that this was pretty good graphic wise.

~ Story/Content ~

I would suggest making this harder or making it longer because it's really straight forwards and easy to play. There were a couple of good jokes and I love that the items are completely random, but it's way too easy. Perhaps a good way of making this longer is by combining all three of your games together? Or maybe that's something you want to think about when this series is done. Simply, it's way too easy as it is now and took away from the gameplay.

~ Audio ~

There was pretty good music and everything with this submission. No complaints or really anything to comment about. Good job.

~ Overall ~

Decent game, but I wish it was harder to play or at least longer. Looks like an interesting series and I think if I have time I'll go back through and play the other ones as well.

~ Review Request Club ~

kcnh responds:

Thank you very much for your review and I will use your advice for the next time!

Not Bad...

I liked the concept of the game, it is the generic ''gimme this and I'll give you this'' game, but is still funny to play...

I beated the game in 3 minutes, it's too easy, everything is close and you don't have to think so much, I'd never think that the chainsaw in that house could cut the eraser from the pencil, I think you made a little mistake saying this to the players...

Anyways, the game is nice, the graphics are retro, i like this kind of drawings, it's the perfect kind of animation for this kind of game...

I'm giving you a 7 because the game is too easy and too short, you can make better games, try to improve your skills, and you'll be fine!!

Keep ut up!! I wanna play the 4th one!!

(Review Request Club)

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

Decent Flash you have here

Hmmm well this was neat and kinda differant from other stuff i see on the portal, the character and graphics was pretty neat the color like in the layout was even better, i can see much more coming from this

Make more, maybe the screen should be a tad larger, hope that little tip helps

Looks good could be better



It was really short and WAY too easy. I beat it in about a minute on my first try. Also, it's vague. Maybe a bit of a storyline?

Why there!

It had pottential, but I gave up after the first 5 minutes.
The irritating music probably played a role in that too xD
It was just plain boring, you should try to set the game in a more intresting location, and use more humor.

PS.: Are you dutch?