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Reviews for "Kees' Adventure 3"

Review Request Club

I thought the game itself was pretty fine but kind of got boring and repetitive because it is one of those trade in games where you just end up walking everywhere and talking to people but it is cool how it all leads up to the most important thing Kee needs but Kee IS a weird name. Did you know that?

The art was fine with the pixels but I think it needed to be a bit more detailed a bit to help it a little because it is just a bunch of colored pixels mixed into each other but then again the waterfall was pretty god but just make more things to make it seem a little less repetitive. The story was pretty generic though like "I will give you this for that" until you find the stupid gem to replace the eye and boom, you're done with that shit.

The audio was pretty cool but no sound effects? ;( Jk it's pretty good and fitting for a game like this but did you make the music or did someone else write it or uh compose it. Then I see it was a guy named bob. I think you showed some effort into making this and it is a quick 5 minute game you could just play when you are supa bored so nice job altogether.

I really don't think there is much else to say then putting a bit more animation into it because I only saw people arms moving and Kee moving and the waterfall moving and the statue and that was it in the whole thing so work on that and all of the other crap that I told you about and I am going to play number 4 when it comes out so bye!

~Review Request Club~


kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

Simple, but enjoyable

I think that you've created quite a little challenge of a game here, that does require some skill and problem solving / memory to get past them. I think that there is a great potential for expanding upon this and having two or even three progressions of quests going at the same time. The number of coconuts should be able to be traded to the stall holder sooner, as bit-parts, just to keep inventory space free. You're able to have a fourth wall joke there as well, like "Nah, I trust you - I'm the only one who seems to want to give you coconuts at the moment, because everyone else wants something around here."

With the gameplay, you've done a good job of making it look like one of the more classic pixelated games, while adding your own artwork to the piece, so a good job there. I would consider expanding the game world, since those numbers of houses and relatively few screens didn't challenge enough, so people need to be given a good workout mentally with a game like this.

Keep working at it and I'm sure that you're pieces can get a lot better over the next few installments of the game.

[Review Request Club]

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review. I didn't really get the "fourth wall" joke, but I will improve the item trading in the next version.

Review Request Club

The graphics were okay and the sprites in general were well-drawn, though probably could have done with a little more animation when the characters were actually moving. The artwork could probably have been a little better but they're fine as they are and fit with the gameplay pretty well. Programming-wise, it got a little irritating that you HAD to stick to the path to get from one frame to the next if a path was there, and there are also two tiny glitches; once you've collected a coconut from a frame, every time you go BACK to that frame, the coconut will still be there for a second before disappearing again. Also, when you go into the houses it'll show you in the house, and then move into the little 'entering the house' transition. I probably explained that very badly. But anyway, both glitches are pretty negligible and don't mess with gameplay at all, I just thought I'd point them out for perfectionism's sake.

To be a grammar pedant for a second, in the opening scene where it says "And the statue has lost it's gem again", the 'it's' shouldn't have an apostrophe. That pickiness aside, the storyline is nicely done. I think a little more could have been made of the backstory, but I haven't seen your other two games so perhaps I'm just looking at it out of context. It's pretty simplistic, and that makes it easy to follow. Which can be a good thing, but I think you'd do yourself no harm if you made the storyline or gameplay a little trickier. Like, having to find pieces of the pencil-cutting machine or having to do more complex trades. Speaking of the pencil-cutting machine, the explanation of it's purpose could have done with being a little more subtle than "Ah, this machine looks like it can only cut pencils!"...but that being said, it's a pretty harmless thing and doesn't mess with the game any.

All in all, the game was incredibly simple. I think you'd add a lot more to this game if you hadn't made it so straightforward, but that being said, 'tis a merry little way to spend a few minutes of the day, definitely. Nicely done.

-Review Request Club

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, I will be sure to make the next game more complex.

Straightforward, yet fun to play

The controls are very easy and they work really well. Of course the game isn't overly complex, but it's still quite funny to play.

I could follow the storyline even though I haven't played the other parts yet, but I guess I will catch up on part 1 and 2 soon.

Maybe the text could be a bit bigger as it was a bit hard to read at times, but that's about the only negative point I have for this game.

{ Review Request Club }

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

When is number 4 coming out?!

kcnh responds:

I am currently working on the fourth episode, so it will be released sometime soon. Thank you for your review. :)