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Reviews for "Kees' Adventure 3"

I got a little confused but..

in the end it all worked out! Life is good for me now that I know these games exist :) Keep makin 'em and you'll keep gettin my 5s!

i see what you did there. i think...

potlood is in belgium and holland pencil so he wants a pencil.
but overall a good game.

nice but easy

took me like 5 minutes
youre dutch i know it come on the name of 1 character potlood:P
i'm dutch to

Lizard men!

They're coming you know! Either way, responsive controls, better graphics with every game (even if it looks like he's touching himself as he walks). I see you're really improving in your flash skills overall. One thing bothers me though: the storyline doesnt seem to be progressing anywhere. I can see he's trying to get back home, but theres no wider grasp than that... Don't leave us hanging man! Overall 5/5 9/10 i look forward to the next chapter!

Review Request Club

I thought the game itself was pretty fine but kind of got boring and repetitive because it is one of those trade in games where you just end up walking everywhere and talking to people but it is cool how it all leads up to the most important thing Kee needs but Kee IS a weird name. Did you know that?

The art was fine with the pixels but I think it needed to be a bit more detailed a bit to help it a little because it is just a bunch of colored pixels mixed into each other but then again the waterfall was pretty god but just make more things to make it seem a little less repetitive. The story was pretty generic though like "I will give you this for that" until you find the stupid gem to replace the eye and boom, you're done with that shit.

The audio was pretty cool but no sound effects? ;( Jk it's pretty good and fitting for a game like this but did you make the music or did someone else write it or uh compose it. Then I see it was a guy named bob. I think you showed some effort into making this and it is a quick 5 minute game you could just play when you are supa bored so nice job altogether.

I really don't think there is much else to say then putting a bit more animation into it because I only saw people arms moving and Kee moving and the waterfall moving and the statue and that was it in the whole thing so work on that and all of the other crap that I told you about and I am going to play number 4 when it comes out so bye!

~Review Request Club~


kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.