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Reviews for "Kees' Adventure 3"

Let's try the music part again later

both in tlc and the first one i picked Blonda and LOL in the shop there was a pokeball a beer a messed up triforce i think that the trollforce that patrick keep s saying patrick wierd anyway and a dildo XD what the dildo for unless u give it to that brown haired chick in this game anyways good job no great job

When is number 4 coming out?!

kcnh responds:

I am currently working on the fourth episode, so it will be released sometime soon. Thank you for your review. :)

Loved it.

I played this series two years ago, and i loved them as they continued to go on, until this chapter ended it all.
You knwo what? Since i played this Chapter almost two years ago, i had to format my PC and couldn't find your game anywhere in the internet.
I went on a wild hunting across NewGrounds, with no luck.
oday i was lurking in Flixel Games category, when i found a game with the name"Keez Adventure TLC" And my eyes popped out.

This serie is truly a masterpiece, but maybe some people won't understand why is it what it is, a masterpiece.

I wont say more, but i will be more than happy if you manage to respond to this review and to contact me.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review, but the name of the series is Kees' Adventure. With an 's', not a 'z'. :)

Did not work at all

It would not work at all, no matter what i did. sorry. if it worked and i were actually able to play it i would have given a higher score

kcnh responds:

I am sorry the game was not working for you. Perhaps you could try the game with a different browser.