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Reviews for "Penguin Diner 2"

Great stuff!

I did not play the original game, so I can not judge on how this was in relations to the first game. I did think it was cool how the graphics were really cute and it was as good as any 2DPlay game. It seems fairly simple, but then again, I was not about to get past the first day. What matters is that you have a really cute premise that is executed well. I actually work at a restaurant, but I do not bus tables or anything. I can imagine how hard it would be if a single person managed an entire restaurant.

Game was fun except a few things..
1.It was wasn't challenging at all,I didn't feel like it was hard even when I was at the end.
2.There is not point at playing when you get all the upgrades,you should add more upgrades and make them cost more..
3.You should add medals :)
This game kept me busy for a while,I was dissapointed of how fast it ended and how fast I got everything..

The only hard levels were probably the last two or three. For most of the game the amount needed to earn only goes up by $10.So when you reach the halfway point of the game, you're earning practically 3 times as much as you need and have gotten all the upgrades, making the game play repetitive and boring.

I only keep earning 54? for the first level? ummm.... not fair? I think I'm missing a level? I'm not earning enough even thought im pretty quick with the customers....