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Reviews for "EON"


cool game, gets a little boring

egoraptor must bee bored :)

100% medal requires a one-sitting full perfect playthrough (apparently, no restarting either) to be achieved.

You have been warned.

Fun but

Interesting game but for some reason my magnets don't pull gas from planets no matter how close I put them, or far. Maybe i'm doing it wrong but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Awful, and I didn't get my medal.

This game was not soothing, it was stupid. The graphics were crappy, there was no plot, and it was too difficult too fast. Also, I got the "Junior" medal and it doesn't show up, or tell me that I got a medal, or anything. But I was under par in all three categories in the first level. I hated this, don't ever make a sequel, and I want my medal.

fucrate responds:

Yeah, medal notifications don't seem to be working, but I achieved Junior, refreshed the page and there it was. Also, Junior is a lot harder than you think, are you sure you achieved it?

Ok idea, but terrible execution. No restart button? I have to go to the main menu every time I mess up. And the transitions between levels takes too long.