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Reviews for "EON"

Its ok

It dos't even have proper gravity physics.

fucrate responds:

haha, this is true...

Left Hanging

Concept is great and so is the style and functionality of it all.

The problem really is the game mechanics. I feel like I was left hanging to figure out how the gravity wells actually effect a planet. After a couple of levels the difficulty was so high that I had no interest left in the game at that point.

There really needs to be a couple of tutorial type stages in the beginning so that people know what they are supposed to be doing vs trial and error until you finally figure out how the gravity actually effects the planet.


It was okay and I like the "art type", but the gameplay was somewhat confusing. For intance whenever I put a little white thingy near the particle thingies sometimes it pulled them and sometimes it pushed them.


It's a good game and it's addictive and fun, but I got stuck on level 11 for about half an hour and it's really frustrating. I'd have liked to see the rest of the game. Maybe a guide...?

Neat but dull

It is interesting and has potential, but it's kind of boring in MY opinion. Just saying :)