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Reviews for "EON"


I like this game but I have been having issues with the 'next level' and 'menu' buttons. They do not click when I am done the level, forcing me to refresh the animation.


game is realy good, but to get pars is too hard. in one level par was 0 wells used, its imposible, game is too long and graphics could be better and some sounds are annoying...


Concept is great and so is the style and functionality of it all.
The problem really is the game mechanics. I feel like I was left hanging to figure out how the gravity wells actually effect a planet. After a couple of levels the difficulty was so high that I had no interest left in the game at that point.
There really needs to be a couple of tutorial type stages in the beginning so that people know what they are supposed to be doing vs trial and error until you finally figure out how the gravity actually effects the planet.

Strange satisfaction

ok so your game was pretty well thought out and strangly fun kinda like flow if you've ever played, although i'll have to say that you may need a little bit more of a tutorial i didn't really get what I was doing until like the 5th stage, and maybe a bit of a graphics update would be nice, i'll be looking foward to a second.

Simple but challenging game

This game seems very simple at first, but then you notice the level of challenge. I enjoyed playing it. Would be happen to see a sequel.